6 Key Principles To Build Lean Muscle, Improve Performance & Develop Sustainable Results

In this article, I list 6 key principles that will not just help you get the body you want, but allow you to sustain your results long term. Each principle will be broken down and provide key takeaways that you can implement right away.
Like GPS provides you a road map to get from point A to point B, these principles will be your guide on your journey to accomplishing your training goals. As you progress on your journey, adjustments will need to be made as goals change and evolve and you develop experience as you reach new levels of success to build on. Use this article as a foundational tool to point you in the right direction.
The fitness industry is always changing. That’s part of the reason I committed to becoming a coach. With constant change, systems are still essential. When I reflect on my career as a coach, these 6 principles have always played a role in guiding my clients to not just getting results and maintaining them, but pushing past what they ever believed was possible for them to achieve.
Let’s get started.
#1 – Establish A Game Plan
Focus On The System. The Outcome Will Take Care Of Itself. - Atomic Habits by James Clear
Goals are great as they give us direction, but the system, or the plan, is what is going to allow you to stay on course and get you to your desired destination. 
As a basketball team would approach the goal of winning a championship, we should consider approaching our health and fitness goals in the same manner.
Identifying who you are now and who you want to become a year from now is going to provide you the clarity you need to reverse engineer the process so you can take each step with purpose and intent. 
Performance based goals tend to resonate with us more than the typical “I want to lose 20 pounds” goal. The satisfaction of the experience is far more significant than the number on the scale.
The outcome could be anything from “I want to play soccer with my kids in the backyard” to “I want to climb Mount Rainier”. 
Once you’ve established your performance based goal, now it’s time to communicate that with your coach/trainer or educate yourself on the most efficient training and nutrition system to get you physically ready to experience the result.
Write down answers to the following…
  1. How many days can I commit to training?
  2. Am I going to hire a coach for programs and accountability or do the research myself?
  3. How much time am I going to commit to training? (Include transit time)
  4. What meals do I need to prepare ahead of time so I don’t skip or quick fix?
  5. What days will I commit to meal prepping?
  6. What days will I do my grocery shopping?
By answering these questions you’ve established a non negotiable training schedule, planned days to grocery shop and meal prep as well as identified just how much time you need to commit to yourself so you can conquer your goals. 
Finally, create a checklist that will allow you to track your progress and stay on point. 
If you struggle staying consistent with your nutrition, consider putting this on your daily habits checklist. If you aim to eat 3 healthy meals a day, this could be as simple as writing down…
Meal 1: 
Meal 2:
Meal 3:
And checking them off as you finish each meal so by the end of the day it would look like this…
Meal 1: ✅ 
Meal 2: ✅ 
Meal 3: ✅
So far you have identified 
  • Your long term goal
  • Time commitment to your desired lifestyle
  • A grocery list to stick to so you can shop for success
  • Training and meal prep schedule 
  • Daily habits to keep you on track
I know this framework seems all too simple. Of course we can go down the rabbit hole but going  through this simple process will allow you to create clarity, establish direction and take the necessary action steps to accomplishing your goals. 


This process takes time. I don’t expect you to email me tomorrow saying “Hey coach! I have it all figured out. Headed to the gym tomorrow today so I can look like an avenger.” 

Get out a pen and paper and take this next week to write out your plan. Next week, I will be covering Principle #2. Make sure you leave some space to write at the top of your game plan as you’ll want to write principle #2 in bold lettering.

Talk soon!

– Coach Theo

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