Frequently Asked Questions

You can expect a program that’s tailored specifically for you. I will ensure that your goals are met with strategy and purpose so we can close the gap from where you are now to where you want to be. 

Based on our initial conversation during our discovery call, I will create a tailored training program paired with lifestyle/habits based nutrition. Accountability is just as important as training and nutrition so we will be with you every step of the way with 24/7 email access that includes weekly goal setting as well as an accountability phone call.

Every month you’ll receive 3 different programs and access to a private Facebook forum:


Performance Mobility: 6 phase movement and mobility system that will help you develop more range of motion in your joints, and more importantly, control over that range of motion. Minimal equipment needed so you can travel with this program right in your pocket.


Minimalist At Home Work Outs: Many of us are limited on time, I get it! This is a simple yet very effective Strength and Conditioning system powered by Kettlebells, Bodyweight and Resistance Bands. Clean up is easy. The necessary Equipment takes up minimal space in your home. Workouts may include Pull Ups so investing in a Pull Up Bar is definitely worth it! Don’t have room? All good, I’ll provide modifications.


Full Gym Access: Have a gym membership but don’t know where to start? Or maybe you do know but the task of coming up with your workouts is time consuming and requires a lot of research. All you have to do is walk through the doors of your local gym, take out your phone and a detailed training program is in the palm of your hand. 


Private Forum

Once you’ve joined us, you’ll get access to a private forum of like-minded individuals. Share videos of an exercise that you want critiqued to maximize your training experience. Healthy eating is an essential part of this lifestyle but most people lack variety. Here you’ll get weekly recipe ideas from our Performance Forever family.

Yes! This is a part of the first conversation we will have on your discovery call. We’ll identify what your nutrition looks like currently, what kind of physical response you want from your body and create a strategy that will cut out all the white noise you’ve probably experienced in the media so we can bridge the gap on the road to experiencing your desired result.

Performance Forever is more than just a physical result. We believe that training and nutrition is a vehicle to enhancing the experience of life. We apply practical training systems for you to engage in whatever life demands, to the absolute fullest. You’re unique with a lifestyle you’ve individualized yourself. So, we design the system to you, not the other way around. 

3-5 days per week of 45-60 minutes per training session is ideal. With that being said, consistency matters overall. Take time to write out your current schedule and identify just how much time you can commit to training. If you decide to go to your local gym, be sure to include transit time. Most people overlook this and it actually prevents many from even going to the gym in the first place.

In 8-12 weeks you will experience a noticeable change in your strength and performance. However, there is no “one size fits all” answer to this question. I’m not going to sell you on the idea that you’ll lose 30 pounds in 30 days or that you’ll have action figure abs by the end of next week. Not the most popular answer, I know. Not to worry though. We will meet your goals with strategy and purpose based on science, experience and accountability so you never get lost along the way.

Welcome! We provide sustainable training methods for all fitness levels. A great place to start is our monthly membership that includes a minimalist at home training program that will help you establish a solid foundation for movement and exercise. Want something more specific to you and your needs? Schedule a discovery call and get a training program tailored specifically for you and your goals.

The human body is an incredible piece of technology that can constantly improve performance and adapt to an imposed demand. We implement science and real world experience to create a training experience that will allow you to progress and push through plateaus in a sustainable manner.

Yes! In fact, this is massively important but unfortunately this often get’s overlooked in this industry. Whether you’re apart of our monthly membership or subscribe to our online coaching, modification needs will always be met with strategy so you can make the most of your training experience.

Absolutely! Any one of our training options will upload right to your phone so you can travel anywhere with your program in your pocket.

I believe that information becomes knowledge once practiced and applied in a real world setting. Truth be told, over the last 7 years of my career, I’ve been constantly studying and educating myself from the best in the industry with more certifications than I can count. From assessments, mobility and fundamental movement to strength, power and speed development, I’ve put my knowledge to the test with hundreds of clients and thousands of training programs. Want to hear from some of the people I work with? Check out the testimonials from real people who put in the work everyday.