success stories

Real People With Life Changing Results

Training with Theo has improved my life. Imagine carrying two 55-lb dumbbells 24/7 (just take a look at my before picture!) It feels great to be able to walk around without getting winded. A lot of that has to do with going to the gym five days per week to lift and doing some light cardio at home.


Training with Theo is great because he writes all my workouts and will alternate accordingly based on the program. Not to mention, he provides the accountability we all need to motivate us.


If you are on the fence about hiring a coach, then look at Theo, he’s a walking billboard for fitness. He has worked his way up from gym intern to full time coach, who also invests in continuing education to learn and improve. Who would you rather have coach you? You should want someone who lives it every day. Look at it as investing in yourself and be prepared to do the work.


Training with Theo has greatly helped me with a very active lifestyle. At 52 years old (and after 5 knee surgeries), I still play competitive soccer twice a week. Through Theo’s knowledge of mobility, we’ve come up with a pre-game routine that has led to being injury and pain free during and after the games. On top of that we’ve added sport specific training into my weekly routines to get stronger and more explosive both for soccer and golf. Without the training and specific programs I’d be out of soccer and living a life with more knee pain. My active lifestyle would be dependent on pain management. 


Theo brings a very diverse and thorough knowledge base to my training programs. Everything has a plan, and everything ties together. My programs are difficult but fun, never feels like a grind. The best thing about training with Theo is that he truly and genuinely cares about not just results but what that means to each person individually and how that improves your life.


Prior to training with Theo, I had consecutive years of personal stress in my life that started to break down my body. I wasn’t sleeping, suffered from depression, started having lower back and neck pain. I continued to train, but was finding that it wasn’t making me feel better anymore and often times, made by body feel stiff and worse. Within 3 weeks of training with Theo I was starting to feel more movement and flexibility than I had in a long time. Started to sleep and knew I was in good hands and on my way to feeling better.  I can now ski without pain, attend yoga classes, and overall have started to enjoy training again, and hope to get back on a horse in the next few months to ride, which I haven’t done in a long time.


I can’t even image not training. Although I had reduced it last year, I am getting myself back on track currently. It is the best way to end my day and train after work. Even with a really hard day of work, training is just part of my life, and I’m thrilled to have Theo in my arsenal of healers!


In the past, I just jumped in and started training. This time, both Theo and I thought we should start at the very beginning and work mobility first, then add the weight and strength training. This is exactly what we did and why I truly believe that I feel better. We started over!


 Trust Theo and the process and his knowledge, and it WILL make a difference. He has a passion for sharing his knowledge and has a true gift of helping people. I would call him the mobility “Master.” Give it a try, you won’t regret it.


I’ve always tried to be pretty active and on the move my whole life.  Growing up I played multiple sports every season.  As I got older, my body just wasn’t responding how it used to.  I started having shoulder issues, back pain and knee pain.  And because my body felt tired and old, I got lazy.  So I would reject activities or invites.


I never really “trained” in the past.  I would casually pick up a weight here and there, but I didn’t do so with much confidence or purpose.  I had an LA Fitness membership, but I wandered around most of the time, self-conscious and unsure of what to do.  


I remember the very first day I met Theo.  He observed how I moved and listened to what I like to do for hobbies and activities.  Theo helped me move better and feel stronger.  And it wasn’t just when trying to play basketball.  I felt better with anything that required me to move and exert some energy– carrying groceries, moving boxes, walking through an airport, traveling, playing with my nephews or walking upstairs or uphill.  Theo creates workout regimens for me that challenge me to train with purpose.  He talks me through my training, adjusts to how my body is responding, and coaches me to optimize my movement patterns and build up my strength around that.  Now when I have the spare time to play basketball, I can run, jump and turn with more confidence and trust that my body will respond how I want it to.


Working out with Theo has changed my life.  Whatever goals you have for fitness, Theo will get you there.  He’s extremely knowledgeable and you can trust he’ll be the best trainer for you.  It’s not just a great investment in yourself, you’ll soon realize Theo has as much invested in you.  He’ll be a part of your team as much as you’re a part of his.  I now move better and feel stronger.  Looking better ain’t that bad either!


Before I started training with Theo, I was a runner. I ran in numerous half marathons and 5 full marathons. But I felt like as I was getting older and my body was breaking down. Running got harder. I never really had a coach/trainer that was invested in making me better. I would join a gym and set up sessions with the trainer. But I never stuck with it. They just showed me some exercises on weight machines that weren’t exciting or interesting. Theo was different.


When I started training with Theo, I got stronger. He got to know me. He could push me to a point that I never thought I could go. I actually got muscle definition. I had more stamina. My running got better. All around I became more fit… the most fit I had ever been and this was in my 40s!


Theo’s goal is to help each person individually. He gets to know you and your goals. He works on mobility (which is my weakness) in addition to strength to ensure your body is healthy and not just bulky.


He cares about his clients. I never thought I would actually have a trainer and keep one for so many years, but he’s the only trainer that has really made a difference to me.

From the mobility, to strength to nutrition, Theo transformed me!