The Performance League

The Performance League:
Tried and true training systems for sustainable results so you can experience the performance you’ve always wanted and be prepared for any challenge you demand from life.
Your time is valuable. You don’t have to think about researching the science behind your training or writing your workouts. With constant education, my training systems are always evolving so each exercise is implemented with purpose and your performance always gets better. You’ll have complete access to multiple programs including:
      • Performance State Mobility – My 6 phase protocol that will help you gain more control over your joints so you can train without pain.
      • Minimalist – Bodyweight, Kettlebells & Band workouts for athletic like performance and physique that you can do AT HOME.
      • Full Gym Set Up – Garage Gym or Big Box access, these programs will allow you to fully optimize your performance so you can train like a super hero.
I created a private group for like-minded individuals so you can surround yourself with savages just like you. Going after your goals alongside people with a similar drive and mindset provides an accountability factor that will make hard for you not to succeed. But that’s not all. Inside the group you’ll also get:
      • Exclusive live coaching with Coach Theo – Tips, tricks and strategies with the purpose of educating you the entire way.
      • Exercise Form Critique – Simply shoot a video of the exercise you want assessed and post it into the group for feedback.
      • Healthy Recipes – I know how quickly chicken breast and broccoli goes out of style quick. Spice up your cook book with amazing meals that allow you to stay consistent with your nutrition.

Need adjustments to your program?


I got you!


Post inside the group for anything you need help with and I’ll use every second of my experience to make sure you’re not getting injured so you can see the progress you want.

Prepare like a Pro with a built in warm up so you can prevent injury and see results leaving you stronger, faster, leaner and more athletic.

Training should be experienced and enjoyed. Stop going back to the same old program and bouncing from one fad workout to the next.


I design these programs with the intention to challenge you mentally and physically so you constantly progress and training never gets stale.

Are You Ready To Experience Performance?