Want to know the most significant lesson I learned from my years coaching?

I learned to listen. 

Whether they realized it or not, my clients were telling me what they really wanted, what really made them happy and WHY they committed to training. When sharing their success stories, they weren’t talking about how they dropped a pant size or how their back doesn’t hurt anymore – they were talking about how they were able to play with their kids again, that training allowed them to play competitive soccer again or play 36 holes of golf in a day without any nagging pain or feeling exhausted. Diabetes medication became a thing of the past and “riding a horse again put such a big smile on my face.” 


The “look good feel good” goals were on the surface. The enthusiasm, improved self esteem and the experiences that their goals lead them toward were the REAL results. That’s where the significance lies. Training was no longer a task – it became a lifestyle that provided more strength, mobility and endurance for individuals in a sustainable manner that leaked into every other aspect of their lives. 


I’ve had the great pleasure of guiding some amazing people to build their own vehicle that took them on their own unique journey which provided them tools to write an epic story they’re proud to share. I created Performance Forever for YOU, so you too can experience a fulfilled life and write a story you’re proud to share along the way.


I believe that information becomes knowledge once practiced and applied in a real world setting. 


Truth be told, over the last 7 years of my career, I’ve been constantly studying and educating myself from the best in the industry with more certifications than I can count. From assessments, mobility and fundamental movement to strength, power and speed development, I’ve put my knowledge to the test with hundreds of clients and thousands of training programs. As good as that all might sound, it means nothing without having been through the trenches myself.


From age 19-24, I went through somewhat of an identity crisis. You often hear of professional athletes struggling to find significance when they retire from their sport or an individual who worked for the same company for 30 years finally retires and has a difficult time finding something purposeful to do in their day to day lives. I didn’t play professional basketball or work for a corporate company for 30 years, but the same struggle with identity can occur for young athletes, who decide to go a different route in life than pursuing a career in competitive sports.

Luckily, I found my calling.


Fitness and athletic performance have always been a part of my life. I would train with my dad in the attic of our home at 10, 11, 12 years of age, do plyometrics in our front yard, sprint down the street, the list goes on. Training to me was a simple concept at that age – lift weights, each pork chops, pinto beans and collard greens, get stronger and faster, be better than your opponent and be a winner. 


After basketball, training became a vehicle. Not just to get stronger and look better, but to become stronger and more resilient mentally. To set goals, create a game plan and execute that plan daily to reach those goals. With every goal hit, I seemed to reach a new level in the game. I found confidence in myself again.


I knew that if I committed myself to the process of setting a goal, creating a plan and executing that plan every day, there was no way I couldn’t win. And that carried over to every aspect of my life. My transformation allowed me to put myself in the shoes of my future clients. I learned to guide the people who work with me through the entire process because I’ve actually done it myself.


Training took a skinny kid who was down on himself with no direction in life, to a focused young man who became the coach and guide he needed when he first started his journey.

That’s a little bit about me. We can discuss the rest over a cup of coffee. Oh, by the way. HUGE coffee guy!


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